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In order to make pricing as standard and fair as possible throughout our nine markets, AMLI prices all paint by the square footage of the floorspace of each apartment unit.  For example, if a unit is 500 square feet at a rate of $0.10 per square foot, the unit cost will be $50.  AMLI utilizes only Sherwin Williams low-VOC paints and provides all paint.

Cleaning & Carpet Cleaning

For unit cleaning and carpet cleaning, AMLI prices both services by the number of bedrooms per unit. We utilize a flat rate scope encompassing all work necessary to return a unit to like new condition.  For carpet cleaning, our Purchase Orders show information on the carpet type in each unit to assist with cleaning.

Carpet & Floor Replacement

Similar to painting, AMLI prices all carpet replacement by the square yard. Vendors provide the flooring material at a per square yard rate. Labor and any other extras (pad replacement, occupancy, etc.) are also priced by the square yard.  AMLI installs FloorScore certified Mohawk products.


Please note that some categories are not open to new vendors at this time. These include appliance sales and rentals, maintenance supplies, flooring, paint supplies, office supplies, waste services, furniture rental services, fitness equipment, data destruction, computer supplies, utility billing, resident and employee screening services, collections services, payroll services, copier sales, package solutions, key tracking systems and leasing, signage and marketing store services.

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